The Pillar Of Strength

‘The Pillar of Strength’ is a wonderful story that touches on topics about family, natural relations and human identity as well as the patterns and culture of life in the Borneo archipelago. This animated short film brings narrative storytelling in promoting cultural forms, life patterns and spiritual energy between human relationships with nature as well as unearthing the conflict of family relationships between a father and his son in recognizing the origin of their lineage. In addition, the film also brings the audience to an element of belief from generations that regard wildlife as a deity revered and elevated to its dignity. Rentap is the son of an Iban tribal warrior in the Borneo archipelago where his father, Kanang was a respected warrior and held fast to the hereditary beliefs of his ancestors. When an accident occurred while hunting in the jungle, Rentap got the encouragement from the War God ‘Sengalang Burong’ who helped him identify his origins and led him to take responsibility as an Iban child who set an example to his people by holding the slogan ‘Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban’.

Ayie Ibrahim (ML)
Known as Ayie Ibrahim, prides himself on producing perfection by using every available technology combined with an unrivalled knowledge of the creative industry. As the winner of ‘Best Animation Director’ and ‘Best 2D Animator’ in the Malaysian Animation Awards in 2011, his latest short animated film, ‘The Pillar of Strength’ won many awards for best short animated film in various film festivals around the world, including Europe Film Festival, Cannes Shorts Film Festival and many more.