Journey to Sounds

“Journey to Sounds” shows the journey of the rocket from Jules Verne’s novel “From Earth to the Moon”. The difference is that this time, the rocket travels through the sounds of the planets. NASA researchers have stated that with their motion, the planets create certain frequencies and -therefore- certain sounds. In fact, in 1992 an album was released entitled “Symphonies of the planets” which contained cosmic sounds from the solar winds, the vibrations of planets, etc. These sounds made the artist the question wonder “What would a journey through the sounds look like?” What colors would they have (since each frequency corresponds to one color)? What would you see outside your spaceship as you passed through them?” These questions, in combination with the classic tale of Jules Verne, were the inspiration for the fantastic journey of the rocket, which this time is a little different…

Olga Harvalia (GR)
Olga Harvalia was born on April 7, 2007 and is 14 years old. She enjoys reading mystery novels, making animations and creating fairy tales for her younger brother. She loves art, music, theater, physics and cats. She likes to discover new things (and often useless information) in order to learn how everything around her works. She is creative in everything she does, even in seemingly boring things.