Darkness Draws Near

The film is part of the hero’s story: the first attempt to get out on the battlefield. Throughout his life he has been preparing for this day: he read books, learned history, philosophy, he trained, he was taught martial arts, so that when he grew up he would be ready to fight the enemy. When the time comes he feels ready and heads to fight the enemy he had studied so well, taking victory for granted. Unfortunately, what he faces has nothing to do with what he expected: the enemy is something new. His knowledge, his practice, his weapons, can not help, as they have no effect on him. But the worst thing is that the battle is set, it seems that all he can do is take part in a fake war that is not his. His choice is to close his eyes and fight with his soul because only then can he face the lie and the darkness.

Markos Pantelidis (GR)
Markos Pantelidis is a 17-year-old high school senior. He was born in Patras, originally from Chios and grew up in Athens. From an early age he was involved in painting and in the last few years he has been attending a workshop where he is also involved in sculpture, engraving and other artistic techniques. He has done many projects for the workshop exhibitions and for various other events and activities and in 2020 he received the 2nd prize in a school digital image competition under the title “We Stay Home”. He really likes animation and in his free time he tries to make his own. He also plays the guitar. His goal is to enter the School of Graphic Design and Audiovisual Media and become a professional animator.