The Other Shore | National Chengchi University

The Other Shore is a VR artwork, aiming to show the process of people being attracted by the light and fleeing to the distant lighthouse from the other side. The artwork is based on the history between China and Taiwan since 1949, since then, people on both sides were separated by the strait and banned from contact, however, there were still some people who fled to the other shore by swimming or boating to change their lives. That was a very dangerous and difficult journey. Now, people on both sides can travel freely, but there are still some political restrictions. As a mainland Chinese student studying in Taiwan, I hope to recreate the experience of those who ‘escape’ to the other shore, and show the danger, tension, romance and surprise of this journey.

Edmond Chen – National Chengchi University (TW)
Edmond Chen is a creator from Liaoning, China, with study experience in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is currently studying at National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taiwan, and his direction is VR Art Creation. He has been learning unity and unreal for three years, and he is obsessed with using spatial structure, audio-visual elements, light and shadow to create stunning virtual wonders. He always remembers that when I first showed his mother the “Universe” he created in VR, his mother was excited like a child. This is what he thinks of as the magic of VR. Therefore, he hopes to provide the audience with an unforgettable experience that could not be easily experienced in real life through the VR.