The Limbic Empyrean

The Limbic Empyrean depicts a synthetic limbic system at a nano level. The limbic system is a collection of structures involved in processing emotion and memory, including the hippocampus, the amygdale and the hypothalamus. This synthetic version is an AI simulated model of the limbic system that is far more complex and multifaceted. Constantly evolving and fabricating new emotions and sensations that are beyond human perception. Simulated Nubots (nucleic acid robots) are swarming around the organs as pollinating agents giving birth to new hybrid organs in an endless flow. The video project is a collaboration with Berlin based media artist and electronic composer dvdv aka Phyllis Josefine. This is a regular video version of the Limbic Empyrean. An immersive version (ca 1000m2) and NFTs was commissioned by ToDa (Theater of Digital Art) in Dubai for the group exhibition .dreams, curated by Generative Gallery. Nov 2021- April 2022.

For AUJIK, nature is divided into Refined and Primitive categories. This seperation presents a conflict that is the root of all chaos in the world, and in order to reach a sublime state, AUJIK generates rituals to harmonize the organic and synthetic realms. Refined nature consists of evolved technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, DNA manipulations, and body enhancements. The Primitive includes fauna, flora, and the Earth itself with its precious stones, minerals, and metals. The pulsating foliage and advanced interfaces that emerge in the biosphere serve as sacred artifacts, visions of a futurist environment. Through crossbreeds of biotic and technological systems, AUJIK’s animism for the Digital Age presents new possibilities for evolution and strives for Post-Human nirvana. /JC Gonzo AUJIK is based in Kyoto, Japan and mainly works with computer animation, architectural projects, AR, VR, photo, clothes, painting, music and installations.