Technicolor is an immersive, interactive web story that embeds players into the surreal world of an Alzheimer’s patient living in an assisted care facility during the first wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Disorienting, elliptical, and informed by real experiences, its mysterious narrative unfolds over episodic chapters that jump through staccato memories to blend the forms of Lynchian thriller with family drama.

Sam Butin (US)
Sam Butin is a writer and narrative designer. His work in games, immersive entertainment, and film includes the historical video game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (BAFTA, SXSW Nominee, Facebook Game of the Year), HERO: A Verite VR Experience (Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Winner) and Fire Escape: An Interactive VR Series (NYFF, Tribeca, VIFF).