Piercing Through The Darkness

About the Piercing Through The Darkness – a multimedia, interactive game (created with Twine game engine) where we follow the journey of the protagonist on his quest to kill off his chronic pain with the help of an unknown AI from the future. As pain superimposes on art, time folds upon itself, blurring the lines between past and present, reality and fiction.

Colin Justin (SQ)
Colin Justin Wan is a multi-media artist from Singapore. He earned a BBA from the National University of Singapore and received a scholarship to complete his MFA in filmmaking from the University of New Orleans. He weaves his narrative by cross-stitching the stories he came across with the emotions he experienced. His works usually reflect imperfect, outcast characters who are victims of societal norms and living in the expectations of others. Recently, he explores pain as an art form. As an artist, Colin believes we should make our own rules with no apologies.