Spaced Out in Outer Space

The work explores contemporary notions of nature and society. The work is structured into four Chapters: Immortality, Space Travel, Nature as Computer Code and Equilibrium. Within this backdrop inspired by science fiction, art history, and cybernetics, we constructed a space ship at Lacuna Lab Berlin, which also functioned as a Dionysian bar where motifs of madness and wilderness intermingled during a concert performance. In this respect “Spaced Out” has a double meaning: It plays with motives of both leaving the earth and one’s own mind in order to open up possibilities of re-reading scientific phantasies about controlling the limits of our existence in order to explore what Donna Haraway refers to, when she says: “It matters what thoughts think thoughts.”

Behrang Karimi, Paul Wiersbinski (DE)
Behrang Karimi studied Painting at Kunstakademie Dⁿsseldorf and currently lives and works Cologne. Recent exhibitions include “Everything Is Personal“ at Tramps, New York (2020); “15 Painter“ at Andrew Kreps Gallery NYC (2021); “Alistair Mackinven and Behrang Karimi“ at Maureen Paley, London (2019); “SPIT“, a Soloshow at Braunsfelder Cologne (2021) and a Soloshow at Zarinbal Khoshbakht, Cologne (2020).

Paul Wiersbinski studied video art at the Academy of Fine Arts – StΣdelschule Frankfurt / Main and currently lives and works in Berlin. He is an EU-expert for Datami / Resonances III on Big Data and AI at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra (2018– 2020). His work has been presented in international exhibitions, including recently Showcase at SPACE London (2018), Offline Browser at Hong-Gah Museum Taiwan (2018-2019) and Datami at BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts Brussels (2019-2020).