Selfportrait. Please remember that You molded me like clay. Would You now return me to dust?

I was made with clay that became alive. Then, this clay will die. I was made out of clay and will be turned to dust again. I am Earth. I can create a new life too. I am passion, ideas, energy, sex. My body grow, blooms. My body is changing while I am alive. It will continue changing after my death. Therefore, it is dying all the time. When I die my body will continue changing. They will give chance to another types of life, like bugs and worms, bacterias. Every type of my physical being is creating life. Everything around is life and is alive. Even death is life.

Maria Kazvan (UA)
Maria Kazvan, an interdisciplinary artist. Born in 1989. Born and was based in Lviv, Ukraine, until russian war against Ukraine started. Now based in Poland. Graduated journalism. Maria’s work is inspired by human psychology, mystical practices, folklore and her own life experiences. She is focused on creating long term projects, with strong conceptuals. Using vivid, high quality imagery. Mixing her love for experiments with medias, objects and techniques, Maria is creating surrealistic, magic realism photography, videography, stop-motion videos and performances.