The self – as the deepest representation of itself – and its intense desire to permeate the expression and language of the Other, blazes the project [self] Insertions, as another untimely view. ’s not a simple addition, but rather a particular approach about the artist’s | performer’s potential as an inherent part of the work of the Other and its own world. The video and sound will be the most evident media and will be combined in a new work.

Antonio Caramelo, Jose Cruzio (PT)
DEMONIO ANTONIO [Antonio Caramelo]: (ANGOLA, 1969) lives and works Oeiras, PT. Visual Artist and Curator of various events with Sound+Video and Visual Arts. José Cruzio (Coimbra, b. 1975) lives in Viseu. He graduated in Fine Arts and Painting, and has a one-year post-graduate master degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro. Currently, he is also working in multidisciplinary teams in media arts.