After entering a cabin in the woods and finding a computer with an old-fashioned text-based game on it, a man slowly starts to realize that it’s no ordinary game, and he is in danger.

Jack Thompson (US)
Jack Thompson is a filmmaker who grew up in rural Maryland and now attends Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in Orange, California. He has always been a lover of the arts and he has always had a passion for anything creative. However, from a very young age, Jack has been especially passionate about writing and creating films. In the future, he hopes to be writing and directing his own feature-length films, his strong suits being horror and comedy. Most recently, he has written and directed a short horror film titled “Nobody’s Home”. Jack has also written and directed multiple comedy sketches and plans to release them as a web series within the next year. “Respawn” was the first film he ever wrote and directed for his own personal use, and it is still one of his proudest achievements.