REDOMA is a hybrid short film that mixes elements of classic cinema and videodance. Debut work by director and screenwriter PV Ferraz, REDOMA debates an atypical situation that has been happening around the world, the isolation generated by the covid-19 quarantine. With powerful images, the author poetically reflects on who we are and how we can be fragile and powerful in the face of such a situation. REDOMA is an urgent film, which dialogues with a feeling currently present throughout the planet.

PV Ferraz (BR)
PV Ferraz (Recife-PE) Visual artist, director and audiovisual screenwriter. As a music video’s director, PV has received three awards for the videoclips “Arquitetura de Vertigem”, by China, and “Eu Acredito Há Muito Tempo”, by Graxa, nº 16th and 18th Festcine – Festival de Curtas de Pernambuco. In 2021, he released his first experimental short film entitled ‘REDOMA’.