Re-thinking ourselves

With the seemingly pessimistic perspective that “everything is bad design”, Swedish artist and innovator Håkan Lidbo takes us on a journey through evolution of human civilization and of human ideas. But from his perspective it’s a message of optimism; “Everything is a poor version of what it potentially could be”. Håkan Lidbo is the funder of Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm with the ambition to solve problems with new ideas, to re-think art, technology and society. He has created a unique workspace, a laboratory for the exploration of future possibilities. Håkan and his team create projects that inspire, that help us train our idea-making skills, that presents new perspectives and hopes for the future.

Hakan Lidbo (SE)
After a career in music, releasing hundreds of records, Hakan Lidbo now creates interactive art, sound art, innovations, apps, games, books, film, radio, architecture, urban planning, virtual reality, food tech, keynotes, education, robotics and installations for museums, events and public places. He is the founder of Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm where experts within different disciplines explore innovative aspects of music, art, science, society and technology, merged into new expressions.