Critical Triggers” an approach to the Interface tactics

Critical-art focuses on the development of new artworks capable of visualising problems hidden behind the user’s gaze. In this talk, artist César Escudero Andaluz, will follow the legacy of his art practices based on critical interface and the speculative design to raise questions about the cultural, economic, political, social and environmental implications of our latest technologies.

Cesar Escudero (ES)
César Escudero Andaluz is an artist focused on digital culture, interface criticism and their social and political effects. César’s research addresses issues such as dataveillance, algorithm governance, tactical interface and critical mining. His practices combine interfaces, electronics, images, interactive installations, robotics with critical design, media archaeology and digital humanities. His artworks have been shown in international electronic-art events, museums and galleries including ARS ELECTRONICA (at) / ZKM (de) / Nam June Paik Museum (sk) / WRO, Media Art Biennale in Wroclaw (pl) / Science Gallery Detroit (usa) / HANGAR. ORG (es) / AKSIOMA(svn) / DRUGO MORE (cr) / CHRONUS ART CENTER (chn) / AMRO Art, hacktivism & open culture (at) / TABAKALERA I (es) / NODE Forum for Digital Arts (de) / KIKK (be) / ADAF (gr).