Do You Feel…? – Do You Feel Connected? Spotlight on the research process

We have different futures that can take many different forms: predicted, projected, preferred, path–dependent, probable, plausible, and possible. But is it possible to predict or create your very own future? What is foresight, and why do we need it? Why is it worth exploring and how art and research can complement each other? During the lecture, I will tell more about, a forecasting institute that defines the most important trends, better describes them, and indicates the consequences for the world. Moreover, I will tell you about the research process that led us to the development of the installation “Do You Feel Connected?”. I will share with you the answer to the question that we asked: Do you believe that there are common values for all people and if so, what are they?

Olga Jankowska – (PL)
Olga Jankowska – cultural expert and art historian, PR Manager in