Power Of Unity

Story based on our natural environment, where a bird and its family lived on a neem tree in a forest. Once, while the mother bird was out in the search for food, a fire suddenly broke out in the forest, rushing her back to her nest where her children were. But before she made it there, her kids were rescued by a squirrel and a group of elephants. The captain elephant was passing by the area and saved the squirrel from falling in the water underneath. With team work, they managed to put out the fire around the birds’ house. Hence, after Mother Nature saw the so united, she sent a cloud to rain down and save the forest from the dreadful fire. The moral of the story suggests that by being united, we can overcome any difficulty.

Diya is an 8th grade high school student from India. She is a teen animator, film maker and a singer. She learned basic 2Danimation with computer graphics from her elder brother, Deepak Kumar EP, who has also been assisting her with submitting her film in festivals. Diya’s first short animation film “Friends Love” participated in 33 international film festivals, which inspired her to make her second movie “Power of Unity”, regarding the environment. This time she tried to make some dialogues by herself in the movie.