Pink Mushroom Playing Synth

Based on “The Camille Stories: The Children of Compost” by Donna Haraway, a Science-Fiction story is told representing four characters. The human symbiont of insects, of water, the one of the Universe and the Pink Mushroom who symbolized hope on earth, were the ones that stayed on a ravaged earth, they stayed with the trouble, to resist the apocalyptic thinking of fleeing to another planet. This is a story to : “re-imagining the world in richer terms that will allow us to find ourselves in dialogue with and limited by other species’ needs, other kinds of minds….The struggle to think differently, to remake our reductionist culture, is a basic survival project in our present context. (I hope you will join it. )”(Val Plumwood) The video work came to life at Movimento in collaboration with Gato Oleatorio, a collective making specified on play, non competitive work processes, co-creation, collaboration and sharing.

Joke Van den Heuve (BE)
Joke Van den Heuvel, a visual artist living and working between Belgium and Portugal, engages in nonlinear storytelling as an attempt to create new narratives through a practice of collecting and registering with a need to ask what else is going on – everywhere, inside and outside in contrast to a progress thinking society through the means of a multitude of objects, daily registration and thoughts, overlooked details … Slowness in an Anthropocene Hurry encourages the rethinking or reimagining of frameworks of resolution, healing, and problem-solving through a lens and practice of rest or refusal. In her narratives, historical and contemporary ways of seeing the world condense, collide and overlap.They can be read as networks of sociality with the potential to draw connections between interdisciplinary research, social practices, cultural life, and local infrastructures, e.g. the forest and it’s fungi as a metaphor for this network.