Mixture #1

Mixture #1 was created in partnership with Instituto Procomum in Santos. Mistura intends to forge a ritual between women and plants, and to think about a choreographic mixture – as a play on the words used by the Italian philosopher Emanuele Coccia (2018) that suggests a metaphysics of the mixture. Making alternative dance/choreography from interspecific, feral, non-human worlds as a form of resistance to the Anthropocene/Plantationcene/Capitolocene, bringing together perspectives that point to cosmopolitics from other ways of being in the world: stem, roots, sap, leaves, flowers and fruits. A choreography by women interested in finding possible alliances between clothes, objects and plants. “Affective alliances”as Ailton Krenak would say, based on improbable daily life. Kinships and impossible neighborhoods. Transform to make other arrangements and imagine futures and counter-domestication rituals.

Marina Souza Lobo Guzzo (BR)
Artist and researcher, concentrates her creations at the interface of the body and the landscape, mixing dance, performance and circus when tensioning the limits of subjectivity in cities and in nature. Since 2011, the climate crisis and the role of the artist in the production of imagery for crossing a ruined world on the Anthropocene have been at the center of her research. She works in partnership with health, culture and social assistance equipment, thinking of art as a political action that weaves a complex network of people, institutions, objects and nature. The artist has a post-doctorate from the Department of Performing Arts at ECA-USP and a master’s and doctorate in Social Psychology from PUC-SP. She is an Associate Professor at Unifesp at the Baixada Santista Campus, a researcher at the Corpo e Arte Laboratory in the Society and Health Institute.