Is your world, my world? And my world is our world? Is your reality, real? Not everything is just what you see, but everything is already on the screen. Beyond reality, after all that it is physical, you will experience your new reality. Who is truly the creator of your life? Where you choose to live and experience, all your connections make sense. Even if not everything makes sense when connected. Is your life really, plural, singular, connected? Or alienated? And do you live or just navigate? A life. Many lives. Do they fit on a screen? Here we arrive at the starting point of creation, of new sensations, new old movements of building, dressing, living, working, dancing, running, eating, continuing the struggle. It’s time to select, cut, copy, paste, select, cut, copy, paste and reimagine everything. Beyond a single (uni)verse, a Metaverse.

Augusto Calçada (BR)
Augusto Calcada is a Brazilian visual artist and started his career as a film and video and vfx editor and soon went on to create his personal works. He mixes different multimedia manipulation techniques and builds his own digital dystopia with irony, provocation, a youthful look and aesthetic care. His productions move between video art, pop culture, sociology and subversion on the logics of society and its interfaces, platforms, mechanisms.