In the coexistence of man with the machines seems that the human loses ground. The technological development generates restlessness when in diverse areas we observe how, since the industrial revolution, the machines replace the man. MECHANISM It is a man-machine experiment, where I try to reflect the restlessness for the world to come, the future. The video shows the transformation of a man, a dancer, into a machine. Mechanical pieces are installed in the body with the intention of finding new movements and integrating both worlds. A body-mechanical experiment, with unsuspected results.

Flako Rojas (VE)
Venezuelan artist, Dancer Choreographer, Video artist. He lives in Belgium where he develops his project Flakogramas (videos and photographs). His films of Video Dance, Video Poetry, Video Art, and Experimental Short Film, have been selected in more than 80 International Festivals and have been exhibited in more than 15 Galleries between America and Europe.