TRT: 05′16′′, 2018 “There is a determination in their movement which is quite different from the expression of ordinary curiosity. It seems as though the movement of some of them transmits itself to the others. But that is not all; they have a goal which is there before they can find words for it. This goal is the blackest spot where most people are gathered.” — Elias Canetti, Crowds and Power, 1960 KALOPSIA combines different mass movements of the 1914s to the 1990s with contemporary mass psychological contexts, taking into account the philosophical work Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti, in which he investigated the dynamics of crowds and the question of how crowds obey the power of rulers. The music for KALOPSIA was composed by the Odesa-born musician MONOCUBE who is based in Berlin and at the Baltic Sea (DE).

M. Kardinal (DE)
M. KARDINAL is a visual artist based in Berlin and at the Baltic Sea (DE) working with photography, moving images, performance and installations. Her work has been internationally exhibited, screened, performed live and discussed across Europe, Canada and North America, including Off Europa: MANöVER Meisterstücke (DE, 2021), Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM Berlin (DE, 2020), 14th Montreal Underground Film Festival (CA, 2019), Bideodromo International Experimental Film and Video Festival (Basque Country, 2018), Another Experiment by Women Film Festival (US, 2018), L’Ososphère (FR, 2017), Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (RO, 2016) and Festival Alto Vicentino (IT, 2014) She received national and international grants and honors like the NEUSTART KULTUR grant (DE, 2021), Nomination Jury Prize from the 14th MUFF (CA, 2019), Honorable Mention for her Participative Installation from the BIDFF (RO, 2016) and Caspar David Friedrich grant from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture MV (DE, 2015 – 2016).