I Do Not Have Trouble Focusing and In Fact Everything is Under Control

This is an autobiographical, experimental film that attempts to visualize and auralize the mental cost of being interrupted by notifications (think spam, a text about my mother’s cancer, dick pics, etc.). The piece was inspired by my inability (or maybe unwillingness) to focus on anything productive. I spent days in bed, I felt totally incapable of completing tasks, and that state of being started to make me incredibly depressed. This project was a way to not succumb completely to that feeling. I wanted to explore how notifications affect my mental capacity and state by personifying the interruptions, through rapid editing and sound design.

Sofia Mellander (UK)
Sofia Mellander (she/her) is a director and artist from Stockholm, Sweden. She makes pop music and psalms under the alias Salt, as well as documentaries, music videos, and experimental films. Both her visual and sonic work tend to be extremely personal. Past project’s have explored her grandfather’s suicide, sending nudes at 13, and incels – but also brilliant women and sex. In almost all her work, there is a dark humour that doesn’t take itself very seriously. Sofia has been awarded an RTS Student Award for camera craft, won Best Solo Artist at Paris Music Video Underground, and her work has been part of the official selection of festivals around the world. She currently resides in Scotland, undertaking a Masters of Design in sound for the moving image at Glasgow School of Art.