Has eaten the strange fruit

The live performance is a direct dive into the slightly crazy experimental sound universe of her last EP “A croqué le fruit étrange” (’Has taken a bite of the strange fruit’ in English). Amélie Nilles loves using popular songs from the past such as jazz standards or traditional greek songs, and transforming them through the eyes of the future… Like a crazy new Eve who just ate a weird fruit, Amélie Nilles expresses here her desire for freedom, in the unfolding of time, in the changing metrics and in the choice of sound material. The instruments are not always where you expect them to be, the field recording becomes melody, the voice is sung and modified in real time; she likes to reverse the roles and create surprise. This live performance aims to be different each time, but always boiling, a real sound fluctuation.

Amélie Nilles (FR)
French composer, DJ and sound artist, Amélie Nilles evolved on the experimental, electronic and jazz scenes in Paris, while she was simultaneously involved in researches focused on sound spatialisation at the Paris 8 University. Always looking for immersive sound experiences, she collaborates with various artists on 3D sound projects and is currently creating an audiovisual piece for 20 speakers and 360° visual. Her mixes are boiling, going through experimental music, ambient, breakbeat and dark dancehall. In November 2021, she released her new EP “A croqué le fruit étrange” on Planisphère label, as an introduction to her experimental universe, both dark and pop.