Elements: A Walking Path

The project concerns a route in a natural landscape, where during the course, material was collected through recording applications and some of the information that emerged was used for the audiovisual material: the shape of the route, numbers, words and symbols. The aim was to depict the experience as a transformation of the real into the virtual. For this reason there are no images of the area per se as it would be captured with a camera, but mainly material collected with GPS apps and notes. In the process even the body itself functions as a medium and detects the place, processes it and subsequently produces the stimuli received. The aesthetics of the work draws elements of the modern digital environment and the videogames space, given that technological developments increasingly affect everyday life; a potential reality where cyberspace defines the future.

Dora Siafla (GR)
Dora Siafla lives in Florina and studies at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts at the University of Western Macedonia. She is mainly involved with painting and digital art forms: specifically with video art, performance on camera, and projection mapping. Part of her work is concerning photography, with a work published in a photographic community. She has participated in international conferences, video art and digital media festivals, projection mapping and in situ projects, international group exhibitions, art programs and complex activities. She has undertaken the part of organization and coordination in the framework of actions of a European program and an international conference.