Does space dream in bits

Does Space Dream in Bits is a personal quest through cyberspace, in search for signs of humanity amongst ones and zeros, telling the story of a man, machine, life and death. Fighting her way through the jungle of connection errors, glitches, search bars and pop-up messages, the filmmaker meets three people lost in cyberspace: a man who hopes that the digital realm can help him reach immortality, a young woman, who uses it as a platform for her spiritual practice, and a young man, who believes that the only reason for existence is in meaninglessness of it. Staying safely behind the screen we are invited to think of life through data, god through numbers and to witness the endless digital questions, many of which will never be answered.

Alexandra Yakovleva (RU)
Alexandra (Sasha) Yakovleva is a young visual artist of Russian origin – filmmaker, editor and photographer. She has completed her Bachelors in still photography in FAMU University of Prague and for several years worked in the field of animation and video-art in Israel. Her debut animation “How To Get People to Like You” has travelled to many festivals around the world and brought back a few awards. In 2018 she received a European scholarship to start her Masters degree in documentary filmmaking as a part of DocNomads program, completing it in 2020. Working on the borders between film, animation, performance and art Sasha is creating slightly bizarre stories through the power of images and associations. In her current research she explores cyberspace as a landscape and a new habitat of human thought and action, and researches ways to reclaim the Internet using its elements as artistic, creative material.