A sonic artist’s glitch – minimal techno – dub – noise – drone experiment. The artist improvises using modular analog synthesizers, circuit-bent toys, DIY electronic noise-makers, and drum machines. Bridging the gap between soundscape composition and electronic dance music, electroacoustic sound sensibilities drive a playful world of sonic events and trajectories that might as well be synchronized and tuned, or not. An ongoing live & recording music project with a research interest in experimental electronics and cross-genre aesthetics. Thematic relevance: A strong connection to the fascination of the past with future technology, synthesizers, and sonic automatons. A nostalgic and at the same time futuristic view into DIY music setups, that can empower real-time expression through sound design and sound synthesis, beyond the confines of current electronic music genres.

Stelios Giannoulakis (GR)
Stelios Giannoulakis is a composer, sound designer, engineer, music technology researcher and educator. He works on electroacoustic and cross-genre music composition, soundscape recording, concert performances, music and sound design for theater, video, film, dance, video games. He is also occupied with sound diffusion, circuit bending, game mechanics and interactivity. Studies include a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition, MA in Digital Music Technology, first degree in Electronic and Biomedical Engineering.