Another experimental and expressionistic take on the game Quake III Arena through the utilization of grainy and sinister looking depth of field maps. This direct sequel to DEPTHMAP emphasizes the use of third-person chase footage, experimental camera movement, fluent slow-motion and a technological extension towards the combination of the original footage and its corresponding depth of field map, all within a ‘techno-retrofuturistic’ setting.

Jordy Veenstra (NL)
Jordy Veenstra is a post-production professional, experimental filmmaker and machinimator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Under his alias and production label ‘A Pixelated Point of View’, Veenstra works on a so-called experimental and digital turn of the ‘visual study’ genre and releases highly experimental short films made in various videogames such as Quake III Arena, Virtual Rides III and Grand Theft Auto. Alongside his fulltime dedication to art, Veenstra works as a video-editor, motion graphics designer and animator in a creative agency in Amsterdam, is owner of his postproduction studio ARCTIC LIME AudioVisual and in the little spare time he has left he is working on a research manuscript revolving around ‘the practice of distortion’: a framework that focuses on the cinematic enhancement of machinima through the embracement of the classic values of cinema and a counter-answer towards modern machinima culture, which highly focuses on clean, overly sharp images displayed on 60 frames per second.