Dance with Frequency

This video art is based on the three-stage theory of cultivation, perfection, and destruction for Hegel’s culture. “Every nation grows from within, and gradually grows to perfection, and eventually perishes.” The categories that are used (to express these stages of upbringing, perfection, and destruction) are culture, multiculturalism, and culturalism; “But the word culture does not give a clear meaning about the basic content of the ethnic spirit; it is a formal category.” Hegel’s definition of culture is as follows: “Culture is the form of thought, and its existence is due to man’s ability to rule over himself, due to the fact that man not only follows (natural) desires and tendencies., But can be self-controlled” – “So culture in the simple sense is that man gives a general character to its content (thought).

Mohammad Ali Famori (IR)
Mohammad Ali Famori is a multidisciplinary Artist, Art Director and Curator with a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. He has pursued his BA in Photography and a master’s degree in Cultural Management, specializing in spearheading exhibitions and creative projects including running the first glitch video art group exhibition in Iran. He has 10+ years experience in art directing, graphic design, photography and visual arts, as well as exhibiting his works in more than 33 international and national exhibitions.