Conviértete en quien eres

A journey through the artist’s home in the midst of the pandemic. A journey that mixes spaces, sounds, lines and events to conform a whole, capturing the essence of these strange times. The film itself is a short animated rotoscope film of 11:38 minutes. Half documentary, half experimental; it talks about the pandemic and the quarantine from the heart of a home.

Agustin Iezzi (AR)
Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Design in 2021, and also graduated as a Sound Technician and Music Producer from Institute TaMaBa (in Buenos Aires). He is a professional musician from Caemsa (Buenos Aires); Agustin iezzi is a young animator from Argentina. “Conviértete en quien eres” is his first short film where he recollects different moments, spaces, sounds and images from the pandemic at his own house.