Hunting for black holes is a dangerous business. Only those willing to brave the deepest parts of BackSpace can survive. Adventurers, Explorers, Outlaws, and anyone trying to find their fortune, will kill, betray and face danger for it. Hunter and Mono track down a lost pod that may have the coordinates to a black hole.

Nick Trivundza, Lexie Trivundza (US)
Nick and Lexie Trivundza are award-winning directors whose work spans feature films, television, and commercials. They are the directors of the feature films “The West and the Ruthless” and “Danger! Danger!” as well as of several award-winning short films including the “Umbrella Factory”. Their television work has included broadcast and streamers alike as well the Emmy Winning series “The Dead Unknown”. Their commercial work includes brands and clients such as Apple, The Academy Awards, Google, NFL, Yahoo, Visa, DIY Network, Adobe, Mattel, HP and many more.