“ANTICOMMUNION’ is a piece I developed as a response to my feelings of dread and intrigue surrounding the concept of living most of our lives within virtually constructed worlds, which will no doubt reshape our perception of intimacy. The film centers around a female character wearing a virtual reality headset. We see her in various states of reverie and excitement, but we never get to see what she is seeing. As the subject of the film rotates to face a doppelgänger of herself across a table she mirrors the position of ‘The Artist is Present’ by Marina Abramovic before she is absorbed into the darkness. With this work I am calling into question what will the nature of community in the future. Will interpersonal engagement be with others – or only with ourselves? Who will we connect when we pass through the red door of the metaverse?”

Wes Viz (UK)
Wes Viz is an interdisciplinary artist based in London, UK and Tallinn, Estonia. A veteran in animation, her 15-year career has spanned commercials, music videos, and stage visuals. Her videos and projects have been featured in Creative Review, Kaltblut Magazine, Hunger and Paper Mag, and she has given a talk ‘Art of the Visual’ about her work, which is available online. Wes Viz’s art explores how emerging technologies are shaping our personal identities and mental states and how the impending metaverse of virtual environments. She is currently developing immersive art experiences in virtual reality to further explore these themes while continuing to work as a visual artist. She aims for her art to provide crucial commentary on our relation with technology as a whole.