Immersive installation conceived as a five-stage painting performance. On a circular canvas, memory comes to life, its pulse, its vitality, its loss and what remains of it. The light, in contact with the material of the canvas, becomes real in colour, becomes tangible. The colour starts to orchestrate a dance of real time visual-sound compositions that trace the pulsing of life and memory.

Cristian Rizzuti (IT)
Cristian Rizzuti is an interactive media artist based in Barcelona. Cristian has presented his works in major events and locations in Europe, such as ZKM museum Karlsruhe, MAXXI museum Rome, Venice Biennale. Always inspired by Science and mathematics, Cristian has focused his personal investigation on the role of human perception and the definition of synesthetic spaces. Being inspired by digital arts, live media and interactive experiments, Cristian’s works can be described as light sculpture.