This video, inspired by Telemaco Signorini’s painting L’Alzaia (1864), which theme is the difficult condition of the poor working class compared to the indifference of the master, which represented the rich class. The painting has a formal mathematical symmetry, that resembles Piero della Francesca’s works. In this way, the artistic duo Leoni- Mastrangelo, uses the symbols of the painting mixing them with the symbols of the contemporary world, to think over the power of technology and its constant evolution, and how it could create, in the near future, a mass situation of “slavery” cause by a technocratic and indifferent kind of power.

Francesca Leoni, Davide Mastrangelo (IT)
Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo are both video artists, performers and filmmakers. Their works and research are based on the relationships of humans with each other and with the surrounding society or environment . They’ve been working together since 2011. Their videos were screened in several festivals around the world and museums. They are the artistic directors of Ibrida Festival.