Abstract Painting

A film that explores the differences in perception of one and the same painting. The film features a narrator who appears to be reading a story for children. However, his habit of sipping tea during his performance, coupled with his absurd asides, allow for different perceptions. Based on Daniil Harms children’s story, “The Boobooboo Dog”.

Tatiana Skorlupkina (RU)
Tatiana Skorlupkina is a musician, artist, composer, director, animator, and screenwriter and the creator of a new ‘art of the screen’. Tatiana held many personal art exhibits of her works both in Russia and in many other countries. Participant and winner of international film festivals. Tatiana always develops and launches the most unusual “bold” projects. She is known as a creator of films where she realizes her vision from start till the very end – she is a script-writer, a director, an artist, an animator, an editor, a special effects person. Tatiana always uses her own scripts and often writes her own music. Graduated from Glazunov Music Conservatory in Petrozavodsk and the Faculty of Arts and Graphics of Saint-Petersburg Herzen University. Member of Artists’ Union of Russia. Director of Art-studio “Fedor Sever”.