Material Resistance_Approaching the limit of sorrow. A reflection upon human resilience

An acoustic piece dedicated to our eternal childhood, memory, lethe, the cracks of time and the first unforgettable fractures. A feel of trials and mental terms and a browsing through their in-between. Dual meanings. What is it that makes them so appealing? Are there interior cracks? What is the common place between us and cement and how feasible is -ultimately- mental sturdiness? A liberal tour in an abandoned building, listening to the creator’s thoughts on all these terms added up to endurance. Acoustic work in four chapters / Performance Duration: 38’43’’ Idea, creation, text, acting: Melissa Kotsaki

Melissa Kotsaki (GR)
Melissa Kotsaki is an actress, director and radio producer, born and raised in Athens. She graduated from the “Empros” Drama School and Lab. Since 2010 she has been working as an actress/performer and she has also collaborated with directors, such as V. Adamou, N. Kornilios, Chr. Sterioglou, Th. Oikonomidis from the theatre and film domain. Simultaneously, since 2011, she is the co-founder and co-director of “Tsokara” theatrical group with whom she has toured around Greece in theatrical -and not- venues (remote theatre), presenting plays for children. Melissa has worked in the radio industry as a radio producer and music curator, while she has dubbed her voice in various series and documentaries. She works as a DJ in bars of Athens and she has also curated musical events, plays, parties and more events. For the last few years she is part of the wide artistic team of Life After Death Theatre Company and of Our Festival community, therefore supporting the independent solidarity culture.