Voidland close your ‘digital’ eyes

Voidland is a conceptual work. An intimate environment devoid of pixels, paradoxically to be lived through the experience of virtual reality. The monotonous pattern that is repeated in the work is the typical white and gray checkerboard which in computer graphics and on the web represents the digital void, the absence of the pixel.

The user is catapulted into a quiet place away from the noise of the visual traffic of shocking or futile images by social media, TV and media in general.

A suspension of objective and virtual reality.

Voidland is a political asylum, monotonous and static, without sound, without twists. An experience with “digital eyes” closed

Emiliano Zucchini (IT)

Emiliano Zucchini (1982) is an italian artist based in Rome.

His work is both digital, virtual, video and 3D.

The white and gray chessboard that invades the surfaces  – both two dimensional and three-dimensional and virtual – of his works is nothing more than the pattern of computer graphics and the web, which represents emptiness, the absence of color, digital nothingness. 

His works are present in private collections and museums (Archive TATE Gallery in London, MART in Trento and much more). 

He exhibited at: La Triennale, Milano (Italy); Castello Sforzesco, Milan (Italy), MART; GAMC, Viareggio (Italy); SALA1, Roma (Italy); Museo MACRO, Roma (Italy); Biz-Art Center, Shangaii (China); ADAF 2018, Athen (Greece); FILE Led Show, San Paolo (Brasil); National Gallery of Contemporary Art, San Marino (RSM); The Wrong Digital Biennale; Art Verona, Verona (Italy); SetUp Fair, Bologna (Italy); Wop Art Fair, Lugano (Swiss).