Turn your creation into NFTs

In this workshop, creators from different disciplines will get a deeper overview of what NFTs are, and the different aspects that an NFT project needs to be successful. Some elements to be covered are: the artwork, basic tech knowledge, roadmap and utilities, and the role of community in selling your NFTs. Artists will be able to ask questions in order to get a tailored understanding of how they can turn their own projects into NFTs, in a way that’s more beneficial to them and adjusted to their body of work. Violeta will assist the attendees in recognizing the different ways in which they can adapt their work and bring it onto the Web3 space, the tools at their disposal, and the elements that need to be taken into account before deciding to create or launch an NFT.

Violeta Vlacheva (BG/ES)
Violeta M. Valcheva is a multidisciplinary and multi-linguist creative and entrepreneur. With a background in filmmaking, performance and dance, she graduated with Distinction in MA Performance Design at Central Saint Martins, London. Fluent in 5 different languages, she has lived and worked in Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Italy, and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. She has been working in the NFT space actively for 1,5 years, as NFT creative strategist for collections, brand projects and community & event builder. She is the founder of BCN.NFT community and VVs Productions. She is also a filmmaker, currently working on two projects, exploring the future of NFT & Film. A firm believer that interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration are the way forward, Violeta is passionate about creative-to-tech solutions, Web3, interdisciplinary storytelling and empowering other creators.

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