We add our own “colors” to everything around us, pick them out, and define them. We may not perceive things (“colors” and shapes) in the same way as others do. Sometimes images are astonishingly beautiful, sometimes horrifyingly distorted, and sometimes bewilderingly uneven, but we all see the same things. If you have the imagination to peel away the thick outer filter and see things from different angles, you will realize that there is a variety of truth in everything and discover a new world.

Yuki Anai (JP)
Japanese media artist Yuki Anai uses light and sound with and by means of sensory technology. His installations are predominantly inspired by nature. He sees elements such as the sea or rain as messages whose meaning he decodes in his works. His projects have been given the Asia Digital Award, the Best Award of Smart Illumination, and an invited exhibition at the Ars Electronica Festival.