Pan Pan X Kalliopi Mitropoulou

A live mixtape with selection from Pan Pan’s works, Kalliope Mitropoulou’s, classical compositions of the 17th century and pop hits of the 20th, all orchestrated with live sequencing, synths, violins, turntables, vocals and noise.

Pan Pan
Pan Pan lives in Athens, where he was born. Since 2010 he has been producing music in cassettes, cds and vinyl, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with labels (Numb Capsule, Veego Records, Already Dead Tapes (USA) and more). He also produces personal albums, composes music for dance performances and films. He is a member of Echo Tides. His most recent work is “Phantasmagoria Two”, from which the underground hit “Htipa me san revma stin pista” (Hit me like current on stage) stood out.

Kalliopi Mitropoulou
Kalliopi Mitropoulou is a versatile composer, violinist and singer. She has collaborated with various ensembles, orchestras and bands, has written music for silent films and co-founded the experimental new classical/pop T u r q u o i s e duo and SIBiLIMA ensemble. She is a member of Greek National Opera, plays with London philharmonic and BBC symphony orchestra, has played with Greek National orchestra and Guerzenich orchestra, currently sings with Echo Tides, Oi Va Voi and Erland Cooper. She also collaborates with Pan Pan, Vassiłina and Logout.