Good job nicky X Misogi

Good job nicky’s concert at ADAF Stage. Α Special Edition What’s Up Music Double where good job nicky’s performance will be accompanied live by an impressive digital visual show by the international artist  Misogi.

Good job nicky
Good job nicky is a Greek artist with a unique ability to communicate by using a musical dialect that transcends language and stylistic barriers. The 25year old is a charismatic performer and creator, responsible for the entirety of his lyrics as well as part of his songs’ composition. His debut was considered an instant sensation with groundbreaking songs and riveting videos accompanying their release. Their originality and sense of high aesthetics made them viral, satisfying even the most demanding of audiences. His record-breaking first single “January 8” collected over 400k views on YouTube in the span of 48 hours, while entering multiple of Spotify’s recommended lists, and is currently counting over 2.8 million views. His most recent single “Heaven is Sin”, a moving ballad, is his latest big hit.

“I am a self-taught visual artist from Corfu actively working in the field of post-production for the past 5 years, in collaboration with major audiovisual media production companies in Greece”