Nexploria is an artistic experience, playful and social, freely accessible on the Internet. The user/explorer navigates on the interface, selects fragments of music, words and background sounds, assembles them and shares his creation on the platform. Like in video games, the graphic interface of Nexploria is a map, on which the user is invited to choose a point. He thus reaches a creation step, where he assembles sounds and words to put together, which become his piece. In saving his creation, the piece is added to the map and becomes available online for anyone who wants to listen to it. By use of the desert theme, the texts and music evoke solitude in a hyper-connected world, the gradual disintegration of human connection that the internet propagates. In contrast, Nexploria proposes modifying technology on the web to instead make a space for experimentation and collaboration, rid of any commercial goal.

Gaël Tissot (FR)
Gaël Tissot discovered music by learning the piano. Later, he studied musicology and composition (conservatory of Toulouse and Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon). His musical work enters into the heart of a world of digital experimentation, around the idea of creative modification. Modification of sounds in order to give them, in the context of electroacoustic music or sound design, a musical meaning and a well-thought-out temporal dynamic. Modification of technology and computer tools as well, which situates each project in the field of the digital arts (GPS tracking with Toposonic, databases with Nexploria, etc.). Gaël Tissot was in residency in various places dedicated to new music and digital arts, and his projects are shown in festivals like Safra’Numériques (FR), Piksel (NO), Lumières sur le quai (FR), and his music was awarded several prizes (ISCM World Music Days 2016, 2nd prize of the international composition competition Mauricio Kagel…)