Lumen is a site-specific immersive environment, a cognitive experiment in which light beams trigger a series of perceptual illusions. Interactions in this environment question existing spatial rules, eluding attempts at definition and description. The participants of the experiment discover new elements of a disturbing, new environment in isolation and solitude. Interactions activated by sensors and the decisions of viewers intensify the state of isolation, surprise, and shyness towards what is strange and unknown. Inspired by Stanisław Lem’s Solaris —extremely sensual, synesthetic descriptions of phenomena occurring on a foreign planet — the creators of the Lumen installation plunge the viewer into an alternative reality in which unexpected cognitive processes take place. When confronted with hybrid matter, suspended between physical and virtual space, the participants discover new modalities of forms and undefined phenomena emerging through movement and amplification.

IP Group (Jakub Lech, Bogumił Misala, Dominika Kluszczyk), Ania Haudek (PL)
IP GROUP is an interdisciplinary artistic collective founded in 2009 that integrates the visual and performative arts through video, sound, and architecture. IP Group works in the area of improvisation, based on devised theatre, transmedial activities, performance art, multimedia installations and film. Since 2014, IP Group has operated the IP Studio in Wrocław, an open, artist-run studio that provides a space for activities at the intersection of sound, visual and performing arts. Current associates of the group are: Jakub Lech, Bogumił‚ Misala and Dominika Kluszczyk.

Anna Haudek is an architect and set designer who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology. She has worked in architectural offices +48, Major Architects, and MPP Maćków. She is the author of set designs for multiple performances and plays.