Lost track of the world

The diptych results from the research of media images that depict conditions of oppression & violence against humanity (wars, women, work, immigration). The sculptural forms created based on this information and the use of light painting, discharge the intensity of the image creating an atmospheric dystopia, of indefinite space & time to highlight the ambiguities in the recording & reception of history due to the rapid development of technology and the misuse of information.

Rania Emmanouilidou, Evangelia Psoma (GR)
Rania Emmanouilidou studied at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the School of Fine Arts of AUTh. She is a founding member of Les Yper Yper (360 Institute for Applied Arts and New Technologies), a hybrid platform for the research and connection of the dynamics that develop between arts, visual communication and design. She has presented five solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions and projects in Greece and abroad.

Evangelia Psoma completed her studies at the University of Fine Arts of St. Etienne in France and obtained the National Diploma of Art Plastique and the National Superior Diploma of Art Expression (1999-2003). She was an Erasmus-Socrates guest student in Mathesius Hochschule in Kiel of Germany (2003). She has Post Graduated from H.f.b.K, University of Fine Arts of Hamburg Germany, from the department of Visual Communication (2004-2006). She has cooperated with Stefi TV studio productions and Filmiki in Athens, as a stop motion paper animator. She has collaborated with educational groups such as AKTO and AAS in BA (Hons) in animation and interactive media and postgraduate departments. Participates in group exhibitions from 2008 until today. She lives and works in Thessaloniki.