Korea Animation High School – A Tribute

Korea Animation High School is a specialized public high school, established in 1998 and opened in the year 2000, currently located in Hanam, Republic of Korea under the direction of Mrs Jeong Hui An. There are 4 departments in the school: Animation, Cartoon & Comics, TV & Film Production and Computer Game Production. Each major has 24 students in each grade, teaching without harming the creativity of the students. We select talented and skilled students, providing them with an environment with the best equipment and professors to guide students and help them develop their own unique skills. The Dept. of Animation teaches various animation techniques including the traditional hand-drawn technique, high quality digital technique and stop motion. Annually making 10~12 creative animated creations with various attempts of different techniques.

Korea Animation High School (KR)
Works and Artists: Missing Blue Dot | Hee-sun Kim, Seo-yoon Jung, Hee-seo Kim, Hyeon-ji Kim | 11.10 min Lethe | KIM seoyun KIm yunji CHO yeni PARK juhye | KR | 8.14 min A Pair Of | Yeon Su-jeong, Park Han-na, Lee Shin-young, Hwang Chae-lim | KR | 9.45 min The Shutter | Park Da-yeon, Bae Yeon-woo, Moon Ji-yeon, Lee Su-min, Seo Hyun-joo | KR | 10.39 min It’s Time To Move The Train Again | Kim Su Jeong, Seo Hyon Ju | KR | 7.07 min Cocoon | Ha-rin Seo, Han-seul Ryu, Yeo-won Lee | KR | 9.07 min Ppom Ppam | Hee-kyung Shin, Seo-hyun Yeon | KR | 7.48 min YOLO Lady | Seo-Young Lee, Do-Yeon Kim, In-Young Park, Jin-Kyung Jang | KR | 6.54 min A little girl holding a branch over the fence | Han Minji | KR | 11.23 min Good Night | LEE Jung-seo, LEE Seo-bin, YOON Ji-yeon | KR | 8.10 min Show must go on | LEE Hyun-seo, KO Su-a, KIM Do-hee, CHO A-ra | KR | 5.59 min