Free Dome Universe 1.03 / Cradle of Life

The search for our beginning could lead to our end. (© Prometheus ) Cradle of humanity, lost somewhere in the endless desert… Male and female origins merging into the eternal tree of life. Its fruits, turning into magic drops, irrigate inanimate landscape, giving new life birth. Intertwined branches, like the human genome, create a complex structure of interrelations, which captures the imagination and with such an irresistible force attracts the minds. But what is concealed in this? Will this oasis become that heaven for us, which everyone dreams about, or bring disappointment, and, perhaps, even ruination? Is humanity ready for technologies such as artificial intelligence or genetic engineering, even if the most, at first sight, innocuous innovations, intended to make our life better, such as smartphones, turned into a problem, since we got addicted to them?

Julia Shamsheieva (UA)
Julia Shamsheieva is a 3D and motion graphic artist from Odessa (Ukraine). Working in the field of visual communications, she was also developing as an audiovisual artist, gradually creating a personal aesthetic in the purview of video art, lighting installation, and projection mapping. Jul takes part in different light festivals all over the world. Her projection mapping works brought her grand-prize at Circle of Light (Moscow) and 1minute Projection Mapping (Japan) festivals, where she was also noted as the first female winner. During the pandemic, Jul tries to find a new way of realizing her ideas. She creates a new project – a 360-degree video, that makes the beginning of her fictional universe “Free Dome”. This movie was chosen for the 2020’s Official Selection at the Geelong Underground Film Festival in Australia. Making beautiful shows for people of all ages, carrying positive and vivid emotions is an artist principle.