An interactive city game which offers an unique experience of interstellar adventures using Augmented Reality technology. The game takes the player on a virtual interplanetary journey, inspired by the amazing cosmic expeditions of Ijon Tichy – the main character of the Star Diaries novel written by Polish sci-fi writer Stanisław Lem. The aim of the game is to discover five planets with hidden E-LEM-ENTS in the AR animations. The award is surprising and one of a kind! To enter the game simply scan the QR code on the poster and enter your journey! The city game E-LEM-ENTS was designed and produced by the Photon Foundation as part of the celebration of the Year of Lem 2021.

Concept: Elwira Wojtunik, Popesz Csaba Láng, Zuraida Buter
Coordination & programming: Popesz Csaba Láng
Animations: Ari Dykier
UX: Keun Kindred
UI: Lena Malecha

Production: Photon Foundation All rights reserved.
Photos: Dawid Ścigalski

Photon Foundation (PL)
Photon Foundation is founded by Elwira Wojtunik and Popesz Csaba Láng to stimulate contemporary culture and digital art. The organisation runs Artists in Residence programs, supports international art collaborations and produces digital artworks and events implementing AR, VR, XR and other innovative technologies. It is the official organizer of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival in Krakow, Poland awarded by the ‘EFFE Label 2019-2023’ – a quality stamp of European Festivals Association (EFA) for outstanding art festivals, credited for a unique and innovative approach, for contributions to the field of art, social commitment and international openness and ‘Badge of Invention’ for innovation during a pandemic. Photon Foundation is based in Krakow, Poland.