Project: identified explores the relationship between human and machine through reversed face recognition and surveillance archive under a speculative narrative of AI autocracy. The installation incorporates three parts, “Terms and Conditions”, “The Door”, and “Archive of Faces”. Back in history, the key and lock mechanism was invented for private property. Nowadays, we start using our biological characteristics as a key to unlocking things. Also, a wide range is used in border control and citizenship. The trust system still empowers machines to identify ownership, the same as the traditional keys and locks. But a bio-body engagement changed the ethical position. Our accessibility is determined by machines.

Jung Hsu (TW)
Jung Hsu, Yu Tung Hsiao, and Kailun Zheng are a group of artists who love new media art and artistic research. They have various backgrounds in design, media art, philosophy, electronic engineering, and software engineering. Also, have multiple experiences in international exhibitions were in Taipei, Shanghai, Berlin, and Linz. With a cross-disciplines perspective let them always be inspired by each other and generate works within understandable, interactive narratives.