An apple is being chopped up and we are looking straight into the roof of the mouth, as if we were being chewed ourselves. The apple as the fruit of temptation, but also as the fruit of perfection, becomes an aesthetic symbol of this duality. The apple blossoms like a rose and is cut up like a piece of meat. Love and disgust, life and death, innocence and sin are visually broken open. Beauty and ugliness become one in this cinematic imagery.

Vanessa Cardui (DE)
Vanessa Cardui, born in 1987, is a Berlin based video artist. She studied art university Hildesheim in Germany. Her work is characterized by artistic metamorphoses. She transforms everyday objects into pieces of art by exploring the different techniques of animation to bring the objects to life. She works with meaningful color contrasts and creates an imaginative world that arises from the texture of the material.