(introduction to the field of) shapable matter

In this speculative project I engage with themes of vulnerability, large-scale production of ideas and concepts, a culture of recombination and hybrid experiences, many of which remain only in the virtual field and never become something real, yet have a meaningful agency. The peculiarities of digital image production and its virtual realness liberate the final product from the need to be authentic or real. The concept itself has the potential to raise moral and ethical questions and change the way we think. Each of the 6 objects in the video is designed to directly or indirectly modify corporeality and deepen bodily experience, which on the one hand could expand the spectrum of sensory perception, and on the other hand make the individual more vulnerable to whoever is in control of these devices.

Margarita Raeva (RU)
Margarita Raeva is a multimedia artist who works with focus on moving image, cgi, experimental video and sound. in her works she interacts with the topics of body as an object of investigation; queerness, the boundaries of private and public; the unrealised desires and traumas born on this ground, and which find their expression in the corporeal, the digitalisation of the physical and the blurred boundaries between human, organic and virtual.