This piece is a music video for the single “Flow my tears”, a song written in the 16th century by John Dowland and updated for todays audience by John Aram featuring Ayanna Witter Johnson. The main of idea of the video is proposing not only an interception between nowadays and the renaissance, but also the creation of a visual experience that accompanies the song by suggesting the idea of a personal trip to exile and mourning through a strange and the same time sad universe.

Henrique Vilao, Tiago Damas, Luis Ales (UK)
Henrique Vilao is an experimental director, video artist, musician and performer. He has performed in several venues and music festivals and his single channel videos and video installations have been shown and awarded several galleries, exhibitions and international festivals. Tiago Damas is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker that develops artistic works using both digital and analogue collage techniques. Luis Ales is a director and video maker, motion designer and film editor that has worked as a freelancer in short films, video and television content.